OH I AM NEGLECTFUL! (upcoming live events)

Poor blog. Poor, poor blog. You have been defeated by the trifecta of MFA program, teaching and, saddest of the sad and lowest of the low, (((twitter))). Hearts break.

But I’ve come to tell you, blog-of-mine, not all is for naught. If you become embodied and would like to listen to live, spoken word performance, now is your chance. Also, you have to be in or near San Francisco.

This Sunday, Nov. 10, I’ll be reading at Red Light Lit, 8 PM, at Viracocha on Valencia. Theme: “Seduction and Lies.” My poem, a little sexy, very gay, possibly sad but hopefully sexy-sad, will be memorized and thoroughly performed. Prepare to be entertained.

More info here.

Because when it rains, it pours (or at least rains a little more heavily), I also have the lovely pleasure of being one of Hazel‘s featured readers on Sunday, 11/17.

Sunday, November 17th, 2013
5 to 7 pm
1564 Market St.

I hear the venue is great and the readers look fantastic. All women (and at least one well-dressed gender freak, thank you very much–but I won’t tell the organizers, if you won’t), leaning experimentally (though to be honest, I’m never sure what that means other than not-linear-realism). Anyway, I’ll be reading ten minutes of weird stuff. (Since everything I write lately is weird, this isn’t saying much.) Expect: surrealistic breakup poetry, flash fiction featuring Greek gods and housewives and a performance poem about hearing the Zimmerman trial verdict while in Lithuania (which it turns out is a half-decent place to think about genocide and cycles of violence).

I probably won’t be dressed like this*, but you never know:

succubus lunge

(*Watermelon flavored succubus of white privilege.**)

(**It’s kind of a long story)