Pretend It’s My Body (Feminist Press, forthcoming in 2022)

Fiction & Essays

  • “I Got Married In Jeans But Our Marriage Got Serious” (The Gottman Relationship Blog – August 2019).

    “Should we get married?” I asked. “Okay,” he said. We exchanged a look—I dare you. No, I dare you—and grinned at each other. Hetero couples and families strolled in the courtyard below the balcony. We were invisible up there in the dark, savoring the dish too large and messy for most people to bother ordering, suddenly engaged. Although we were the only people to whom any of this was a shock, we loved the feeling of our own outrageousness. How dare we betray expectations by doing the one thing most expected of any couple

  • “Dogs of America,” winner of the 2019 Jack Dyer Fiction Prize. (Crab Orchard Review – June, 2019)
  • Let’s just call this one,  “Seriously. Don’t Hug Me.” (Catapult – Dec. 2018.)

    How did “hug a trans person” become a meme? Why do people I hardly know praise me for my “bravery”? How did I acquire shady, semi-legal testosterone back in ’01? And what does all this have to do with the Spanish conquest of the Americas???

  • “Bad Things That Happen To Girls”  (Colorado Review , Nov. 2015) Named by Best American Short Stories 2016 as one of the year’s 100 Distinguished Stories.
    bad things

    Birdie’s daughter is turning thirteen, an age when bad things happen to girls, but Birdie has a plan. All she needs is an RV and six thousand dollars, cash.

  • “Destroyed Flowers Everywhere” (Fourteen Hills – May 2015, Pushcart Prize nominee; Winner of Wilner Short Story Award, judged by Kirsten Valdez Quade)
    14 hills (1)
  • “The Invention of History” (Midnight Breakfast – July 2014)

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