Fiction & Essays

  • Let’s just call this one,  “Seriously. Don’t Hug Me.” (Catapult – Dec. 2018.)

    How did “hug a trans person” become a meme? Why do people I hardly know praise me for my “bravery”? How did I acquire shady, semi-legal testosterone back in ’01? And what does all this have to do with the Spanish conquest of the Americas???

  • “Dogs of America” Winner of the 2019 Jack Dyer Fiction Prize, forthcoming from Crab Orchard Review (Summer 2019).

    21-year-old Avi, couchsurfing, jobless and recently out as trans, can’t figure out how to be an adult. When his best friend gets tired of mommy-ing him, Avi’s only option is to use a forged Greyhound pass to return home to his real mother, a recently converted Jew. 

  • “Bad Things That Happen To Girls”  Named by Best American Short Stories 2016 as one of the year’s 100 Distinguished Stories. (Colorado Review -November 2015; Winner of the Nelligan Prize, judged by Lauren Groff; Featured on the Colorado Review podcast)
    bad things

    Birdie’s daughter is turning thirteen, an age when bad things happen to girls, but Birdie has a plan. All she needs is an RV and six thousand dollars, cash.

  • Destroyed Flowers Everywhere” (Fourteen Hills – May 2015, Pushcart Prize nominee; Winner of Wilner Short Story Award, judged by Kirsten Valdez Quade)
    14 hills (1)

    The 1980s-themed, end of the world lesbian teen sex romp you didn’t know you needed.

  • “The Invention of History” (Midnight Breakfast – July 2014)
    In a place that is/is not the Vilnius Ghetto, history is rewritten daily.
  • “Live Feed” (Slush Pile Magazine – July 2014)
    A tomboy, a cyclone, a first kiss–and, of course, supernatural possession. 
  • “Assignment of Blame” (Bluestem – June 2013)

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