“Destroyed Flowers Everywhere”, gay teen sex-pocalypse story available online

Friends! Countrymen! A story published last spring is this month’s feature over at The Writer’s Bloc. If you love: a) 80s pop culture, b) angst, c) surreal end-of-the-world stories or d) literary lesbian sex, this one‘s for you. Get over there.



New Story Out in Fourteen Hills

Really pleased to have my story, “Destroyed Flowers Everywhere,” out in the latest issue of Fourteen Hills. You can get your own copy here for $10, which if you think about it, is like buying coffee five times and forgetting to drink it because either you were too busy or it wasn’t very good. This issue of Fourteen Hills, though, is killer. Anna Joy Springer and Da’Shay Portis’ work alone are worth sacrificing those five cups of coffee.

dashayportisCoffee’s so overpriced these days. My story’s about lesbian teen romance at the end of the world. The year is 1983 and Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf” plays every other song on the radio. Dunkin Donut’s coffee cost .80 cents. Literature, comparatively, is a  bargain.

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The Myth of the Real Deal

My friend and the teacher who brought me back to writing, Jenn Berney, with a succinct, intelligent response to the inflammatory Mr. Boudinot.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Well, if you can't impress me, you're never going to make it!Well, if you can’t impress me, you’ll never make it!

A guest post from Jennifer Berney:

When I entered my MFA program in 2003, I hoped I might be a literary success in the making. Though I had only written a handful of short stories, I imagined that a two-year writing program would provide me with the structure I needed to complete a book-length manuscript, and after that I’d have it made. I’d find an agent and land a publishing contract. I might not make the bestseller list right away, but I’d have a steady, respectable career. At the time, this seemed like a reasonable dream.

Surely I was the kind of student that Ryan Boudinot writes about in his recent essay in The Stranger, “Things I Can Say About MFA Programs Now That I No Longer Teach in One,” in which he groups his former students into…

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