EDITING & Coaching

You can learn more about my credentials here and here. I offer the following one-on-one services:

Developmental editing for novels, stories and creative writing application samples (MFAs, grants, residencies, etc). Get: detailed written feedback on what’s strong, what needs further development and what may be holding the piece back; targeted writing prompts; an in-depth conversation (and optional .mp3) about the piece, including time to ask questions and discuss goals. Starting at $60/story.

Writing Coaching for: goal-setting, writer’s block, personalized assignments, craft tutoring specific to your writing, prompts to get started, encouraging emails and firm deadlines. We work together to decide what your writing process needs and then I provide the structure to get you there. Starting at $40.

Literary Career Design. Demystification of the process of becoming a published–and read–author. How can you “network” without losing your mind—or moving to New York? Which specific lit mags publish your type of writing? Do you need an agent, and if so, how can you find one? Should you self-publish? I help you identify your goals and create a step-by-step plan for reaching them. If you have questions specific to your writing (e.g. what agents might be a fit), I will do research for you or provide you with the skills to do it yourself. Starting at $40.

(To contact me about my own writing, email lukedaniblue@gmail.com.)

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