I offer developmental edits on novels, short stories and narrative non-fiction (including memoir). I enjoy working on any character-driven project for adult or teen readers with a special emphasis on literary, upmarket and genre-bending fiction. Editorial feedback is craft-based, meaning that my goal is to equip you to strengthen the current project and improve your writing skills for all future projects.

How my services are unusual:

  • I edit like a teacher, meaning my feedback is designed to support your overall development as a writer. Getting feedback from me is like taking a class in which your writing interests and needs are the core curriculum.
  • I respond like a writer AND a would-be reader, connecting the big picture (structure, character, emotion) with the nitty-gritty, sentence-level details (images, POV, clarity).
  • The focus is on what’s emerging. I can help you see possibilities that may not yet be visible on the page and revive stuck projects.
  • For writers working with LGBTQ characters and topics, I can help you go deeper while avoiding stereotypes and common narrative pitfalls.

What you get:

  • Written feedback
  • Verbal feedback over Zoom or phone, including time for discussion and questions.
  • Craft readings and/or recommendations specific to your project.

Oh, and I do not do copyedits (i.e. final draft edits) on new-to-me projects.

For inquiries, fill out the contact form below: