Online Creative Writing Classes (July 2018)


All classes meet live via Zoom from the comfort of your wifi connection. Fill out the form below to register. (Fees are fully refundable up until 1 week before class meets.)

I ran a survey a few weeks back and got some awesome responses from writers who have piles of projects they want to deepen or develop with more craft skills, to used-to-be writers and beginners in search of a jumpstart. There’s hopefully a little for everyone in the classes I’ll be offering in July. In any case, I am inappropriately excited about them.

Sense & Memory: A generative writing workshop
(2 1/2 hours; meets once) $30
Sunday July 15th at 3:30pm Eastern/12:30pm Pacific Time

This one-day intensive will use the writings of Saeed Jones, Rita Dove and Terese Mailhot to inspire explorations into our personal past. We’ll focus on childhood—when our sense impressions were most vivid, and use immersive exercises to revive smells, voices and muggy days lost to conscious memory.

Participants will learn techniques for translating dim impression into sharp details and will have the option of receiving feedback from peers on work generated in-class. (There will also be an option to continue meeting beyond the initial session if the group wants to.)

This class welcomes writers at all levels, especially those seeking to play and discover.

Character Development: Obsessives, Dreamers, Secret Keepers & Moody Mothers (2 hours; meets twice) $50
Sunday July 22nd and Sunday 29th at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific

The believable but bland character is the writer’s nightmare. Whether we’re writing a poem cycle, biography or a novel, we want readers to feel strongly about our characters. That starts with characters who feel strongly themselves, whether they are organizing a prison break, on a mission to alphabetize the Chef Boyardee at Rally’s, or desperately trying to keep their safe life from changing.

This intensive class will use a mix of craft lecture, discussion of fiction and non-fiction examples from Rachel Kushner, Jamaica Kincaid, Tommy Orange and Claudia Rankine, writing exercises and constructive feedback to explore ways of finding our characters’ hot core and translating it to the page. Participants will bring short homework assignments to each class (assignments will be provided a week in advance).

This craft class welcomes writers at all levels who want to be challenged.