Best American Short Stories 2016 & National Writers Series WIR

Two cool things that have happened recently:

  1. I found out via an email from an acquaintance that my story “Bad Things That Happen To Girls” was named as a one of the year’s 100 Distinguished Stories by Best American Short Stories 2016. So cool! One of the best parts is see my name on the same page as my mentor (and one of my favorite short story writers), Nona Caspers‘, and Charles Baxter’s. Charles Baxter’s son was one of my brother’s playmates as a kid, and so he was the big important writer in the scenery of my childhood. Years later, Burning Down The House gave me my most important lessons (yet) in writing. The whole thing feels like a handwritten note from the universe saying, you’re on the right track, buddy.
  2. I became Writer-in-Residence  with an alternative public high school in Northern Michigan. Which means I am currently watching leaves change color and hanging out with a bunch of hilarious/emotional/smart/cool teenagers. Surprisingly, I am also getting a lot of writing done.

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