dancing while writing: getting past the noise

Wayward Writers

My sweetie and I both write. We’ve been advised against this–either the writing or the relationship–on the basis that writers should be caged separately, like species of wildcat destined to maraud through one another’s territory and destroy mutual piece of mind.

Good news is that after four years, we’ve experienced far more camaraderie than marauding or territorial peeing. These days, Tzinta’s preparing to start his MFA in the fall and I’m pushing my way to the end of a thesis story collection due to turn in five short short weeks. We spend most Sunday evenings boring cavernous butt-dents in our IKEA hunk of sofa-shaped foam, pausing to gaze morosely over our laptop screens at each other, or whooping at the edge of bedtime to announce the completion of a single, really good sentence. tired writerLast week, while lesson planning for Seed & Structure, which my sweetie has been sitting in on…

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