Constant stimuli, Sherman Alexie & Feb/March classes

Wayward Writers

Perhaps you, unlike me, can survive without CONSTANT STIMULI AND DISTRACTION. If that’s true though, why are you reading this blog? Why are you even online?? Why are you not curled up like Jonathan Franzen in a dark hobbit hole of novel-producing, internet-hating, award manufactury??? (WHY DO U EXIST????)

Too-much-distractions Internet for dogs. (image from god knows where, sorry)

Ahem. Anyway, I’ll assume that you too require someone smart to tell you things while washing the dishes. Maybe Sherman Alexie even?

Recently Electric Literature posted this rundown on great literary podcasts, many of which I already knew about. Writers Alexie and Jess Walter’s “A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment”, though, is new to me. Since discovering it last week, I’ve listened to about half the episodes (see above re: CONSTANT STIMULI) and they’re awesome. I especially appreciate that these two very accomplished writers devote plenty of airtime to their wrestlings with…

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