Dear Seagoat #12: (Why) A Gemini Is A Gemini Is A Gemini…(or When Your Sun Sign Doesn’t Seem To Fit)

Seagoat Astrology

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Dear Seagoat,

I am confused because I do not seem like what I read about Gemini. I am introverted, live in the woods, don’t go out much. Except for curiosity – I am very curious, almost indiscriminately so. Then I get confused by all I’ve learned. I have to come home to the woods and spend days figuring out what I believe, what I know. Can you help me understand this?

Gemini Or Not Gemini?

Dearest, finest, woodland-loving GONG,

Here’s what I’m imagining you’ve read about Geminis: Outgoing, happy chatterboxes with lifestyle ADD. Depending on the snarkiness of your sources, “two-faced” and “shallow” may have come up. No doubt you’ve also been cornered at a…

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