Appetites — A taste (yeah, yeah, I know) of what’s inspiring us this week

Wayward Writers


1) For those who don’t know, tomorrow is the last day of discounted registration ($220) for Eat! Eat!: Exploring Love, Hate & Language Through Food. (After that, there’s another week to register at $265.) We are reading, whipping up a fresh batch of prompts for you and getting inspired. Here’s a couple smidges of what’s whetting our appetite. (And yes, I can keep going with the terrible puns. I can go on FOREVER. Just try me.)

Read on for two snippets bring up questions about language–and linguistic opportunities–that get us thinking.

First, from Li-Young Lee’s “Persimmons”, this selection makes me wonder, who owns our words? Who has the power to name? What power do we get from our earliest foods? Our memories? What is unlocked when we explore words as objects, looking at them from new angles?:

In sixth grade Mrs. Walker

slapped the back of my head

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