News! Take a writing class with me! Also, Tumblr. Also, seeking astrological advice?

Wayward Flyer JPG

News #1….

Bay Area folk can now take writing classes with me! I’m co-teaching with fellow writer-teacher, Carson Beker, through Wayward Writers. Our next class begins July 10 and registration is open now. The theme is Lost & Found and the project is completion of a first draft story/poem cycle/one act play/something else. Future class themes in the work: Empty Vessels (camp, kitsch and pop culture into fiction and poetry) and Monsters (the deformed/reformed/transformed body).

News #2….

Two of my stories are en route to publication, one at Slush Pile Magazine that should be up in the next month or so, and another at Midnight Breakfast, which will probably be late summer or early fall. I’m thrilled and honored; both journals have a high standard for excellence and I’d recommend reading just about anything on the sites.

News #3….

So, I have two websites now, here and The Tumblr is going to be my writing blog, basically, while this will be my more business-like homepage. I’m not sure any of this makes sense; the internet is confusing! If anyone has thoughts on tumblr v. wordpress and what they’re good for, let me know. In the meantime, I can be found at both addresses.

News #4…..


As some of you may know, I also have an astrology business, Seagoat Astrology, which has been converting the world’s most hardass skeptics since 2012. A few weeks ago I thought, why not combine my double life as writer and astrologer into one? I’ve decided to write a bitchy, fun astrological advice column. If you have a personal question you’d like to submit for the test run, hit me up with your birth info (time/date/location) and question at seagoatastrology at gmail dot com.

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