So I turned thirty this month. (Woot!) In light of that, I’ve decided it’s time to hide away some of the more embarrassing traces of my youth (to make room for embarrassing evidence of my present, no doubt). Partly this is because I now have students (woot) who could be reading this RIGHT NOW and probably don’t need to know quite so much about either my personal life or how willing I am to share unedited work. Partly it is because I am applying for the kinds of jobs where potential employers might justifiably expect me to have a more professional image. But mainly some of that writing is either really bad, dismal or angsty and full of the kind of growing pains I’m ready to leave behind in taped-shut boxes and misplaced journals. Where they belong.

Please pardon the messiness for the next couple of days while I get this place reorganized. And forgive the lower caliber of graphic design in the new layout–or blame WordPress. It’s free; what are you gonna do?

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