The Applesauce Falls Today (Automatic/Improv fiction* by me and M.C.)

Today the applesauce fell onto her head. Shocking to see, thought her mother, just as the door opened behind Lucille.

“Howdy,” Lucille cried in the hallway. It alarmed her mother and she wept for the applesauce. The applesauce was gooey naturally since the girl was underwater and had drowned earlier. Her mother sent three gray doves to Dover because in Dover there weren’t many doves to celebrate.

“Happy Dove Day,” Lucille cried, still in the hallway, laughing because the barbecue smoke got heavy and sweet like malice smoking cigarettes. A knife felt better after apples were sauced in Dover, replacing the applesauce on the drowned girl’s backside. Surprisingly her mother went insane and Lucille cried. The doves did not leave Dover and stayed.

The End.

*Rules of game (adapted from Keith Johnstone’s letter-writing game, described in his book Impro): Each person alternates adding a word to the story (beginning with the title). Self-editing is NOT allowed–each word must be the first that comes into your mind in response to your partner’s word. Stories can be typed or dictated with one player writing. (This story was written as a g-chat on side-by-side computers.) As an added digital feature, I’m including the first image that comes up when I google the story’s title.

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