Letter to Mister Locust (An improv/automatic letter* by me and M.C. Solis)

33 rightwood way

doppelganger, mx 89898-0456


Mister Locust,

You are writing this. Let it be known that I love you. I never went blind. Did you know that I braved the rapids in Ontario searching for your panties which are lovely? Purple panties are my favorite color, didn’t you know that its time to wear them on your head silly-style? Obscenity skills are a strength when you use them in lotion recipes. Lecture ants on a log and green bunnies on a philosopher stone soup cookbook. Do you like to dance alone with music or with tears falling up from the ground? Miles further, ants under the bunny ground are dancing to tears for fears.

“Baby, oh, cry my fly upside my eye,” they sing.

Beauty of language that is my luck to die underneath bunnies who eat other bunnies until nightfall. When you come over will you bring philosopher stone soup with you? Much better than cold soup, huh?



p.s. Soup is an antidote to any heartache that never goes silver. Thanks for buying me books about silver soup.

*Rules of game (adapted from Keith Johnstone’s letter-writing game, described in his book Impro): Each person alternates adding a word to the letter (beginning with the address). Self-editing is NOT allowed–each word must be the first that comes into your mind in response to your partner’s word. Stories can be typed or dictated with one player writing. (This story was written as a g-chat on side-by-side computers.) As an added digital feature, I’m including the first image that comes up when I google the story’s title.

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