Any Woman Who Flies by Brandy Boob (Improv/Automatic Fiction by me and M.C. Solis)

“Women are leaded by doubt and ecstasy,” thought Mol Robbins as an eagle flew through her. It was excellent for her hair and she screamed loudly with ecstasy. She swept the anvil beside her leg and wrote forever on a napkin that she had found alone on the hill.

The birds were flying down on Windsor, Ontario bright as snow behind eyes of gillweed. Lefty Mcgibbons knelt beside the woman, unchained her. The great eagle stood quietly cawing or cajoling, irreverent against the corduroy sunset of light blue ribbons cut loose against night’s side.

“Since turquoise is my nemesis,” she whispered in the eagle’s ear, “I am going deaf partially due to high school drama club.” The eagle stared into her eyes and pecked them out hungrily because it felt like a good dinner. Then she flew up and screamed at the corduroy eagle.

Mcgibbons walked away before the eagle came and ate his eyes up.

The End

*Rules of game (adapted from Keith Johnstone’s letter-writing game, described in his book Impro): Each person alternates adding a word to the story (beginning with the title). Self-editing is NOT allowed–each word must be the first that comes into your mind in response to your partner’s word. Stories can be typed or dictated with one player writing. (This story was written as a g-chat on side-by-side computers.) As an added digital feature, I’m including the first image that comes up when I google the story’s title.

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