passage of the Zohar (Jewish mystic text), translated from a Spanish language edition by Cien del Mundo

Breath and Speech

“Rebbe Yitzak began by quoting “How numerous are your works, Yahweh! All of them made with wisdom, of your children the earth is full,” (Psalms 104:24). This verse has been explained in various places, but who can ennumerate the works of the Holy, blessed be He? Since He created many inhabitants and dwelling places in the world, each one different from the others, too numerous to be counted and all at the same time—like a hammer that strikes sending sparks in all directions at the same time.

Come and see. Together with speech and breath, the earth was made. As it is written: “By the word of YHWH the heavens were made, by the blowing of His lips all of the retinue,” (Psalms 33:6). “By the word of YHWH” refers to speech. And “by the blowing of his lips” refers to breath. One did not proceed without the other, and in one was included the other; inhabitants and inhabitants came out from them, dwelling places and dwelling places, all at the same time.

Come and see. When the Holy, blessed be He, wanted to create the world, He produced a lone and hidden light so that from this light might emerge other lights, that they might spread out and take form. This was the world above. This light spread out again and formed the art-maker, the unshining light, and the world below was created. And as s/he is an unshining light, s/he sought relationship to the kingdoms of below, and by means of this lower link, to recieve illumination through the higher link. And thus, the unshining light brought forth inhabitants and dwelling places of many, many different types, thanks to this link from above. This is the meaning of “How numerous are your works, YHWH!” Whatever exists on the earth has its parallel in the world above. There is not a single thing in the world, no matter how tiny, that does not depend on a higher thing that was assigned to it from above; since all is interrelated, when the below thing awakens, that which was assigned it from above shall also awaken. [Zohar I, 156a-156b.]” (Zohar, Cien del Mundo, 41-42)

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