Raised in Michigan, Luke Dani Blue (they/them) has lived in cities in the U.S., Mexico, and Western Canada, where they now reside. Luke is a 2021 Tin House Scholar, with other awards and honors from Colorado Review, Fourteen Hills, Crab Orchard Review and Best American Short Stories. They earned their BA at The Evergreen State College and an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University (Distinguished Achievement Award). 

Luke has lectured and taught creative writing for institutions that include UC San Diego, San Francisco State University, PEN America (L.A.), San Diego Writers Ink, and Bard High School Early College. They were Writer-in-Residence with University of Lethbridge and the National Writers Series, where they co-designed and taught an innovative public high school writing program. More recently, they served on the application committee for the 2021 Tin House Summer Writers Workshop.

Luke’s debut short story collection, PRETEND IT’S MY BODY, is coming soon from Feminist Press.

Oh, yeah: Luke is also an astrologer.


For publishing and rights questions, contact Adam Schear at Defiore and Company (adam@defliterary.com).

For invitations to teach, write, edit, or present, or for any other inquiries (like free reading recs), email luke@lukedaniblue.com.


twitter: @lukedaniblue

insta: @lukedani

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