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by luke dani blue

A Kirkus Review Best Book of 2022

“Wonderfully unruly.”

“New, intense, and remarkable.”
– Ms. Magazine

“Luke Dani Blue’s debut collection…centers characters torn between the bodies they have and the bodies they want — some of which may not even be bodies at all. At a time when trans literature is under fire, this is a must-read.”


“In these ten ravishing, razor-wired tales…characters hang between genders, between stations, in the future of ten minutes from now…Everything is possible, and yet, life in the flesh proves maddeningly resistant to the pressure of individual desire.” 

Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander 

“With deft craft and ingenious insight, Blue plumbs the liminal. Who can humans be and where can we go when we exist in the cracks, between the familiar and the fully strange, an unlanguaged place we can only reach by imagination? A must-read for anyone living in this shape-shifting century.”

Nona Caspers, author of The Fifth Woman

“Luke Dani Blue’s debut short story collection…at once resists a cis gaze and insists that everyone, regardless of gender, has experienced moments of intense transition.”

A.E. Osworth, author of We Are Watching Eliza Bright

“Luke Dani Blue has put words to realities that I have known without ever being able to articulate.”

Joss Lake, author of Future Feeling

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