“Luke Dani Blue defies every expectation in these ten ravishing, razor-wired tales about transition. These characters hang between genders, between stations, in the future of ten minutes from now—stuck in some essential way and struggling for a way forward. In Pretend It’s My Body, everything is possible, and yet, life in the flesh proves maddeningly resistant to the pressure of individual desire.” 

—Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander 

From con artists to middle-aged runaways and prodigal “un-daughters,” Luke Dani Blue’s cast of misfits insist on marginal lives made central and magical thinking made real.

“In Pretend It’s My Body, Luke Dani Blue portrays each of their characters as having their very own (often sexy, always queer) logic—logic that is constantly d/evolving as they act, revealing compelling combinations of desire and determination, longing and intelligence, grief and (no small amount of) humor. In each paragraph of each story, Blue gives me what I want from fiction: intellectual surprise and thrilling, jagged mishmashes of intense emotion. An absolutely thrilling debut.” 

—Matthew Clark Davison, author of Doubting Thomas: A Novel

“Luke Dani Blue’s debut short story collection is a twisted, tense triumph of a book that at once resists a cis gaze and insists that everyone, regardless of gender, has experienced moments of intense transition. The stories are imaginative, the characters idiosyncratic, and the sentences delicious.” 

—A.E. Osworth, author of We Are Watching Eliza Bright: A Novel