Luke Dani Blue is a trans fiction writer and cancer survivor. A ’21 Tin House Scholar, their work has received honors including the Nelligan Prize for Short Fiction, the Jack Dyer Fiction Award, and a mention in Best American Short Stories. They have also been finalist for a number of contests, including American Short Fiction’s Halifax Ranch Prize and the Indiana Review and Indiana University Press’ 2020 book contest. Stories and essays in Catapult, Fourteen Hills, and Colorado Review, among others.

In addition to having worked a long list of medium-terrible jobs, Luke is the proud possessor of skills that only come in handy when making a cross-country move. Originally from Michigan, the various places Luke has unpacked and repacked boxes include New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Mexico City, Olympia, Oakland, and San Diego. They currently live above the 49th parallel in Southern Alberta, where they work at a lovely public library. You can get an astrology reading from Luke or peruse their thoughts on the stars and dealing with life drama over at seagoatastrology.com.

Luke is represented by Adam Schear at Defiore and Company. For questions related to book-length publications and other, official authorial business, please email Adam at adam@defliterary.com. For all other things, Luke can be reached at luke@lukedaniblue.com.


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